“Apparel of solidarity and justice. Wear the call for humanity!”

About us

Welcome to Turath, where fashion meets purpose.

We're on a mission to amplify the Palestinian voices by delivering message of awareness, support, and justice. Our designs symbolize heritage, resistance, steadfastness, and the indomitable spirit of those seeking a better tomorrow.

At Turath, our dedication goes beyond business – it is creating a movement where clothing becomes a canvas for meaningful expression, and each garment carries a message of solidarity.

Founded with the purpose of standing alongside our brothers and sisters in Palestine, we focus on giving back to our communities in Palestine, through various charity programs and awareness projects. With each purchase, you’re contributing to championing freedom, justice and equality.

We aspire to empower our customers to wear their values proudly, fostering a community that stands united against injustice in Palestine.

Join us in our journey to strive to make a difference in the world, one thread at a time.